CORE is a Smart Edge Sensor backed enterprise IoT product suite, which is transforming businesses to operate smarter, safer and efficiently.

Smart Edge Sensors are hardware sensors that supports multiple wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, LoRA, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, 3G/4G, NFC etc.

IOT Edge Sensors

CORE’s Smart IOT Edge Sensors and Gateways come equipped with advanced Edge computing architecture which reduces latency and moves decision making closer to the source of data.

IOT Edge Sensors

Salient Features

  • Available in different form factors and sizes.

  • All tags, except Passive RFID tags, are designed for long battery life

  • Ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and certified to be intrinsically safe

  • Suitable for portable, fixed, indoor & outdoor Assets

  • Ability to send location, temperature, vibration, light, humidity and RMS data in regular, short bursts over multiple wireless networks

CORE PoET’s intuitive user interface enables business and operational users to view the real time location and operational performance for each asset. Real time data from smart edge sensors enables them to make proactive decisions which improve asset performance, organisational efficiency and reduces expensive downtime

Machine Learning

Anomalous behaviours of assets, if detected in time, can generate advance warning of potential issues and enable proactive intervention. This results in preempting the possibility of sudden asset failure or unscheduled outages which affect operational productivity. It also drives an organisation from a preventive to a predictive maintenance approach.

Machine Learning

Here is how Machine Learning helps in such scenarios

  • Machines produce extensive amounts of data when they are in operation, which can be regularly captured by smart edge sensors

  • The data can be used to identify peak performance and to determine normal operational performance parameters for each machine

  • The captured real-time data can be processed using advanced Machine Learning algorithms to monitor machine condition and alert if suboptimal performance is detected thus enabling proactive response

CORE PoET enables industrial ecosystems to be continuously monitored to recognise adverse operational conditions. If such conditions arise, it proactively alerts operators to mitigate potential operational disruption

Artificial Intelligence

In essence, Artificial intelligence performs intelligent actions on machine learnt data to ensure operational efficiencies are maintained without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence

Here is how Artificial Intelligence happens

  • The AI module within CORE PoET deep learns machine behaviour over time by gathering, processing and analysing insights generated by edge sensor data and machine learning algorithms.

  • This gives rise to Artificial Intelligence which constantly compares the ideal state of the machine with its current condition

  • Alerts are generated by the system in the event of deviation from ideal state. The system can then auto- initiate a service request to the concerned vendor/department for faster maintenance

In a similar manner, CORE PoET’s intuitive Artificially intelligent interface ensures that the relevant industry personnel are alerted of potential downtime when Asset performance parameters deviate from analysed norms

Data Analytics and Visualization

CORE PoET’s intuitive Data Visualization tools empowers its users to transform edge sensor data into actionable insights by:

Data Analytics
  • Visualizing, filtering and aggregating millions of data points,

  • Customizing for specific business needs.

  • Designing for rapid comprehension and business insight

Through such tools, CORE PoET is able to help users discover relevant patterns and trends in the sensor data to improve decision making, performance and profitability.
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