Our Approach

A proven approach that is simple, scalable and has a minimal overhead

Understand our client’s requirement

Requirement Gathering is all about understanding your business and operational challenges.
  • Business Problems you are trying to solve
  • Your vision for the ideal solution
  • Your technology preferences and needs
  • Your cybersecurity requirements
  • Sample of existing manual paper forms if required

Draw from our tech platform

We leverage our established devices pool, curation framework and solutions templates.
  • Identifying the right technology stack
  • Develop the right solution deployment methodology (Edge, cloud, Hybrid)
  • Build Workflow and Analytics as per client requirement
  • Deploy in lab to obtain client feedback and validation


We leverage our established project delivery framework for the field trial.
  • We provide a pre-requisite document that provides a clear overview of what is required for the field trial
  • We work with your operations team to deploy devices onsite
  • We provide onsite training to your team on how to utilise the solution
  • We perform weekly follow-up to capture feedback and provide remediation

Go Live and Ongoing Support

After a successful site trial, we conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to hand over the solution. We also conduct the following:
  • Provide As built documentation
  • Extensive Train the Trainer Training
  • Provide ongoing support via our Perth based local team that is backed by our global service desk
  • Escalation mechanism in case of any issues

Review Results and Scale-up

Review the outcomes of the trial implementation and develop a rollout plan across your shop floor.

Benefits of our approach

  • A smaller discrete implementation allows you to become familiar with our SSF platform to optimise your shop floor resources on a day-to-day basis.
  • The investment you make at this stage, in terms of commitment, people and training, pays dividends when the platform is rolled out across your wider shop floor.
  • Much of what you have learned can be applied by yourself in any future rollout. Additionally, better, and more efficient training can be conducted, leading to shorter lead times between starting the rollout and when it becomes effective.
Requirement Gathering
Build and Configure
SSF in Action Close Collaboration with client
Review Results and Scale-up

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