Software Modules

Deployable pre-built solutions templates that allow you to have your PoC working in weeks, not months.


Over the last seven years, we have worked across Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors to deliver and deploy solutions in these industry verticals.
We understand what is required and offer a Solution Simulator that helps you fast-track your projects by understanding the visibility you will gain by deploying Industry 4.0.
We have translated our learning and solutions into ready to use, customisable and easy to deploy solutions to meet your specific requirements:
Solutions Templates​

We discuss your needs and design the right IoT solution. Ready to deploy Environmental IoT kits can be customised to meet specific client requirements.

Smart Records​
Smart Assets
Safer Workforce
Connected Machines

Tech Backend

We have learned that the success of IoI solutions rely on bridging the gap between your business and technology. The solutions need to be tailor-made to meet specific operational, technology and skill levels.
We have summarised our learnings and experience into a tech platform that has the below software modules to deliver customised solutions:
IoT/IIoT Devices Ingestion Engine

We understand that there are multitude of providers offering a plethora of IoT/IIoT devices. Appropriate devices need to be selected based on their purpose to suit your requirements.

Analytics Engine

The heart of any solution is its ability to receive actionable insights into your operations: We offer pre-built analytics templates that allow you to build customised analytics with a few clicks.

Workflow Engine

The solution delivers results when the data is transformed into actions. The data received from the solution is processed against a series of workflows.


Cybersecurity is a significant part of solutions design. We have extensive experience in delivering mission-critical projects using best practices. We are ISO27001 certified businesses with a deep understanding and expertise in designing security-related solutions.

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