What is CORE?
The CORE IoT platform combines pre-built solution accelerators for most industries, with recommended IoT wireless technology matched with the recommended sensors and gateway devices, along with a user-friendly, intuitive interface for business and operational users. The user can also build custom widgets and data flows by leveraging CORE PoET’s modules such as Integration Studio, Visualisation Studio, Workflow Studio and Sensor Watch.
CORE Visualisation Studio allows operational and business users to customise their own dashboard through a user-friendly drag and drop interface, which can be shared easily with other relevant stakeholders. Integration Studio offers the capability to share and create new data sets by connecting old legacy systems and 100s of other systems with prebuilt IoT connectors. This drives organisations to create data driven decision-making capabilities for continuous business improvements.

How does CORE support business & operational heads of Industries?
It empowers CIO/CTO’s to kick start their organisation’s digital transformation journey. This is achieved by eliminating the need of internal/external application development resources to develop the right solution based on an IoT platform. The procurement process is streamlined with the recommended IoT wireless technology and sensor hardware. It extends all these capabilities within one single subscription-based model that expedites the solution deployment in days and weeks, rather than months.
It ensures that CFO’s can leverage the IoT technology to reduce costs and increase margins by streamlining business processes. It also helps assess financial repercussions by providing real time information from multiple business units in an organisation.
Operations Manager
It helps operational administrators by enabling them to leverage the different technology to improve the efficiency of their workplace.
Warehouse Manager
It helps warehouse administrators by empowering them with real-time information on inventory and critical stocks level, thus ensuring timely decisions for smooth functioning of operations.
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manager
It helps OHS Manager to create a safer workplace by leveraging emerging sensor and cloud technologies to develop safety solutions that weren’t achievable before. This can be done with real-time information on staff whereabouts, environmental and safety compliance monitoring to ensure mishaps in potentially hazardous work environments are avoided.
Maintenance Manager
It helps maintenance manager to run the maintenance regime more optimally by leveraging emerging sensor capabilities minimising the manual checks by enabling remote asset management and monitoring, detecting anomalies within the equipment before the actual fault occurs and hence ensuring reduced downtime and increased efficiency.