About Us

COREIoT is an Australian based global technology provider specialising in wireless sensor and cloud-based software solutions. As a business, COREIoT has a deep technology strength in IoT/IIoT Sensors, solutions, and cyber security.

 Our Story

COREIoT is a Perth based global technology provider specialising into IIoT Sensors, Software Solutions and Cybersecurity. COREIoT Management Team has led some of Australia’s largest projects in this technology space, including specific projects for but not limited to Inpex, ICHTHYS, Fiona Stanley Hospital and Western Australia’s first connected healthcare project Perth Children’s Hospital. COREIoT’s innovative solutions are also deployed in Water Corporation WA and Barminco.

COREIoT is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner.
COREIoT’s IoT Solution is distributed by the world’s largest IT distributor; Ingram.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to remove the technology barriers for industrial businesses to leverage simple, affordable equipment utilisation solutions to increase productivity