Asset Locator

Quickly locate medical equipment dispersed across the facility and prevent loss and theft

Real-time visibility to quickly locate assets across the facility, reduce the time spent on looking for them, and ensure availability at all times.

COREIoT ESP solution helps you to reduce asset loss and better plan procurement and allocation with a clearer view of your actual needs.

Features & Benefits

Reduce hospital inventory volumes, improve asset availability, identifying processes flaws and preventing asset loss and theft.
Spot Assets Immediately
Quickly and easily oversee your physical resources such as assets and personnel in real-time across the facility.
Increase Staff Efficiency
Enhance staff efficiency by providing the ability to quickly locate equipment resulting in an optimal output.
Optimising Costs of Rental Assets
Proactively manage rental/leased items through alerts sent to multiple stake holders when the rental period ends.
View Asset Information at a Glance
Get all asset related information such as Ownership, Category, ID, Workflow Status, Location, Dwell Time etc, on a single viewing page.

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