Asset Tracking

Continuously monitor and pro-actively manage the location, status and condition in real-time

COREIoT provides an ideal platform to continuously monitor and pro-actively manage the location, status and condition of all the assets in real-time. The Asset Tracking solution automates the manual processes such as capital or rented equipment.

COREIoT’s Asset Tracking with missing asset detection instantly provides notification of assets moving out of a designated zone.

How it works


The tags are attached to machine or equipment. The tags communicate to the COREIoT solution wirelessly, automatically logs the data stream from these tags and computes the asset’s location and status based on the information it receives.


The asset data based on its location and status changes, are transformed into powerful dashboards and reports for users to consume and make informed decisions.


COREIoT provides a suite of connected healthcare solutions with a range of advantages: Multiple technologies, hardware agnostic, multi-tenant architecture, lower cost of ownership, scalability and high availability.



Room-level accuracy to future proof investment.

Shrinkage control
Real-time asset visibility helps you manage asset quantity and reduce new purchases and/or rentals which results in saving thousands of dollars.

Reduce time spent on searching for assets manually.

Easy Integration to other inhouse applications such as ERP, CMMS, CCTV, Vocera, etc., using HL7, XML, JSON and SOAP payloads.
Multiple combinations
One solution that supports many technologies: Active RFID, RAIN RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RTLS based on Wi-Fi.
Unified SaaS-based architecture
Multitenant Support, Easy to use, lower costs, supports scalability and integration, analytics.


Asset Tracking on Map

View floor maps with assets in motion, tooltips on asset icons and ability to view additional asset data details such as dwell time, last seen time, etc.

Event and Alert Notifications

An intelligent alerting mechanism provides real-time awareness for users of the platform. Trigger configurable event types such as enter an area, exit an area, asset status, button press, battery etc.


Configure Asset Tracking Reports within a few clicks. Schedule the reports to be emailed with customisable timelines. Export the reports in either PDF or CSV formats for further analysis.

Management Tools

Easy to populate and store attributes of the assets including categorisation, icons, images, owners of the asset.

Define areas within the location maps for ease of calculating asset utilisation, event alerts, movements etc. Role-based access control model for securing various sections on the platform as well as notifications.


Create personalised dashboards from the available widgets and share it with others. Dashboard analysis can give rise to new insights to make better proactive and pragmatic decisions and optimise asset utilisation within the facility.

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