How can Industries decrease asset downtime by more than 30% ?

11th February 2018       

Unplanned equipment downtime in many industries can often result in operational disruption, adverse safety scenarios and a potential loss of revenue.

Early identification of Asset degradation enables proactive and cost effective fault resolution. Here is where condition monitoring solutions, which track asset performance through sensors, come to the rescue. However, traditional condition monitoring solutions have not been flexible and are complex to implement.

New age condition monitoring solutions leverage the use of cutting edge sensor technology to monitor variables like motion, temperature, light or RMS. These sensors are customised condition monitoring hardware tags which support multiple wireless technologies such as LoRa, Bluetooth etc. Using such sensors, asset damage is prevented, productivity is enhanced and disruption is avoided.

How it works?

Sensors collect continual motion, temperature, light and RMS data from the Asset or Equipment they are affixed to.

This data is transmitted, analysed and visualised in the cloud based software platform which applies Machine Learning algorithms to identify the specific performance parameters and behaviours of an individual asset.

The cloud solution stores and visualises historical performance data collected by each sensor to enable ongoing trend analysis and Predictive Maintenance strategies to be applied.

Intuitive dashboard of the cloud solution shows the details of the equipments, their condition, vibration levels, temperature, utilisation, power usage etc.

Predictive Maintenance can be executed through monitoring the data being collected by the the sensors. If Asset performance parameters differ from normal ranges, notifications are generated from the cloud solution to enable a proactive response.

In the event of an anomaly, the cloud solution’s intuitive Artificially intelligent interface ensures that the relevant industry personnel are alerted of potential downtime due to asset malfunctioning, by creation of an active service request. Its rule based alert system successfully pre-empts supposedly hazardous situations too.

A good condition monitoring solution enables a combination of Smart edge sensors, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to ensure that industries can reduce their operational downtime, caused due to machine faults, by almost 30% . Solutions like CORE PoET have successfully demonstrated the same in some of their implementations. Should you like to know more, you can connect with us at info (at) ecsg (dot) com (dot) au