How can the Healthcare industry create a safer and more productive work environment for their employees ?

17th March 2018     

In industries such as healthcare, there is an immense amount of human interaction between the caregiving staff and patients on a regular basis in hospitals. There are times when stressed out, drugged or uncomfortable patients act aggressively towards caregiving staff which can escalate into life-threatening situations. Also, in case of remote caregiving staff/lone workers who are usually on home visits to address patient needs, the risks of violence and untoward behaviour are even higher.

Similar challenges are faced by caregivers in aged care, rehabilitation centres, mental health care centres etc.  

This solution can be applied to security guards in prisons and elderly people living alone at home whom may also be vulnerable to human violence. Staff working in potentially hazardous environments like mining, oil & gas etc are prone to unforeseen calamities at any time.

Traditionally, such situations could not be immediately addressed by security due to the lack of real time communications between the caregiving staff and security personnel. However, with the advent of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), such situations can be effectively tackled prior to their escalation. The same can be done by empowering the caregiving/calamity-prone staff with duress management solutions. A RTLS duress solution is a wireless security solution that enables an immediate response during a security emergency by instantly locating specific employees under duress.

A cutting edge staff duress management solution enables RTLS tags to track employees in real-time. Data-backed real-time information reduces possibilities of workplace violence towards staff by predicting and pre-empting duress. This results in increased staff efficiency and lowers costs of injury claims/excessive turnover.

Solutions like CORE PoET have helped the healthcare industry in increasing the safety quotient of their employees through some of their recent implementations.

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