CISCO Wi-Fi Technology

Use your existing Cisco WLAN infrastructure and a selection of hardware below, to implement a variety of clinical use cases to transform your healthcare facility.

Asset Locating Tags

Multi-Mode Asset Tag

Multi-Mode Asset tags can communicate with either Wi-Fi or CenTrak’s Active-UHF Network. Maintenance and management is easy. These tags offer extreme battery life, are fully configurable in the field and allow for wireless upgrades and profile modifications onsite.

Ekahau A4

The 2-Button Asset tag is an active location tracking tag operating over standards-based, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi or BLE networks. his tag operates on standard networks and does not require any extra infrastructure beyond your enterprise Wi-Fi or BLE network.

Staff Workflow and Safety Tags

Multi-Mode Staff Badge

Multi-Mode Staff Badges are easily worn by staff members. The tags can be rapidly deployed without additional infrastructure as they are located using existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure. Battery operated Gen2IR components can be added in the future to areas that require greater performance and accuracy (such as for high acuity clinical workflow).

Ekahau B4

The Advanced Display Personnel tag provides accurate location for tracking people within your enterprise using an existing BLE or Wi-Fi network. These badges are similar in size and shape to typical ID badges to fit easily on a lanyard with other credential cards or on a belt clip.

Patient Journey Tags

Ekahau W4

The wearable Advanced Wrist Personnel tag features vibration-based alerting and two colored LEDs that signal events to the tag wearer. Users can request help or acknowledge calls conveniently on a comfortable, rechargeable, water-resistant tag designed to be worn like a watch.

Environmental Sensors

Environmental Monitoring Sensor

Temperature Sensors use high quality NIST-Traceable probes to monitor a wide range of temperatures reliably and accurately. The sensor comes equipped with two ports to support door ajar sensing, a second temperature measurement, or dry contact equipment alerts.

Active RFID Infrastructure: Optional for Room Level Accuracy


Provides a low-cost opportunity to create a contiguous read zone. Delivers industry-leading performance and proven enterprise-class reliability.

Virtual Wall

Virtual Walls are Gen2IR™ (Second Generation Infrared) signalling units that provide a method of locating tagged assets or people in facilities that require sub-room level accuracy. Virtual Walls are geared to semi-private rooms and bays typically found in ER and OR settings. Unlike room-level monitors, Virtual Walls do not need physical walls to limit the area of coverage.


Low Frequency (LF) Exciters enable several locating features such as egress detection and choke point control. When a tag enters the LF Exciter sphere, the tag’s sensor is triggered and immediately reports this event to the Location Engine.

LB2 Location Beacon

Ekahau location beacons refine the location accuracy to levels previously only available with expensive, proprietary systems that require wiring new infrastructure. The beacon is a small, portable, battery-powered transmitter that is designed to enhance system accuracy.


The CORE ESP Platform provides choice of various technologies and can be utilized as per the current facility setup and use cases.