Inpex - Ichthys LNG Project, CSE- Transtel

This was a pure consulting project. COREIoT was selected by CSE- Transtel to provide wireless design expertise, WLAN, PLS (RTLS) to deliver the industry’s first Zone 0/ Zone1 based Wireless LAN Solution and RTLS based Asset and Personnel Locator Solution within their INPEX Ichthys program of works.

We provided enterprise level architecture design for both packages Mobile Data Collection System (MDCS) and the Personnel Locator System (PLS). We conducted similar iteration with joint venture and end client i.e. successfully tested and delivered all packages within the specified timeline delivering a major success to CSE-Transtel, their client JKC and ultimate project owner Inpex.

Project Objective

Design, document and configure an intrinsic safe Personnel locator solution that captures the design and configuration of the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and the Personnel Location System (PLS) to be installed at the Bladin Point PROJECT. Design and configure a network management system for telecommunication system equipment and non-telecommunication equipment either by using SNMP trap v2 or dry contact via RTU.

Project Outcome

COREIoT team successfully deployed all 3 packages with the following outcomes:

  • The WLAN provides wireless data access to and from the fixed LAN services, covering the BLADIN POINT facility. The WLAN provides the core infrastructure for the Personnel Locator System
  • The Personnel Locator System provides real-time location information of active Wi-Fi tags (iTags) and other Wi-Fi clients (laptops, etc).  iTags are issued to personnel to be worn on site to enable personnel location tracking, whereas other iTags are fitted to vehicles or mobile assets to enable tracking of that equipment. 
  • The Telecommunications Network Management System (TNMS) was designed to gather and manage all alarms raised from devices by administrators both locally and remotely.
  • Users of the system were able to use the TNMS to trace and carry out high level fault diagnostics to determine fault severity and its effect on overall system functionality in shortest amount of time

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