Inventory Management

The solution tracks and manages stock levels based on various workflow statuses

Traditional inventory management systems run the risk of being unable to predict stock shortages due to lack of real-time view of operations. Additionally, manual inventory management can be time-consuming, prone to human error and lack real time visibility of critical inventory.

COREIoT Inventory Management solution continuously monitors and manages the location, status and condition of all its assets across multiple locations, departments and storerooms. The solution tracks and manages stock levels based on various workflow statuses. It provides powerful analytics of stock levels across the facility along with recommendations to alleviate the situation.

How it works

The RFID tags are attached to mobile equipment such as infusion pumps, defibrillators, beds, wheelchairs, telemetry devices etc. The tags get energised and read when they pass by RFID antennas and gateways, which then communicates to the COREIoT platform wirelessly.

The solution automatically logs the data stream from the tags and computes the asset’s location. The system computes stock counts based on business rules created on the software and makes PAR calculations accordingly.

The asset data based on its location and status changes, are transformed into powerful dashboards and notifications in real-time for asset managers to consume and make informed decisions to ensure stocks availability for all clinicians.



Provides configurable minimum/maximum stock levels across the location

Real-time data

Monitors inventory levels in real time & prevents stock-outs of key equipment and inventory


Can automate stock replenishment orders to supply chain or integrate with existing business solutions

Reduced capital expenditures

Improves asset utilisation and purchase management, resulting in reduced capital expenditures and rental costs.

Reduce asset wastage

Maximises equipment utilisation by improving maintenance cycles and reduce asset wastage.

PAR Level

Adapts to match your business rules and optimises workflows with real-time PAR levels.


Event and Alert Notifications

An intelligent alerting mechanism provides real-time awareness to asset managers on departments or zones that triggered a PAR alert.


Configure PAR Reports within a few clicks. Schedule the reports to be emailed with customisable timelines. Export the reports in either PDF or CSV formats for further analysis.

Management Tools

Easy to populate and store attributes of the assets including categorisation, icons, images, owners of the asset.

Create PAR rules for assets with a combination of variety of workflow statuses.

Role-based access control model for securing various sections on the solution as well as notifications.


Create personalised dashboards from the available widgets and share it with others. Dashboard analysis can give rise to new insights to make better proactive and pragmatic decisions and optimise stock levels before the situation arise.

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified

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