PAR Management

Real-time asset count and availability to streamline inventory workflows and address shortfall and hoarding issues
COREIoT streamlines your inventory operations to help you boost your business with product availability, accurate stock records and reorder requirements and minimised storage costs/losses.

Features & Benefits

Streamline inventory operations with accurate real-time stock counts that help you plan the reordering cycles, avoid falling short or over stocking, reduce unnecessary warehouse cost and product wastage, and provide a better service to customers at large.
Cutting Costs Across the Board
Higher accuracy and fewer errors result in less expenditure on damage control.
Automate Time-consuming Manual Tasks
Eliminate manual product numbering with RFID or Wi-Fi scanning inventory processing features.
Always Know What Supplies Are on Hand
Real-time visual insights of tracked inventory via phone, tablet or laptops. An optional in-app handheld RFID scanner helps scan assets and update the stock level calculations.
Discover Department-wise Assets Utilisation
Gain insights into department-wise asset usage patterns, to interrogate the stock levels versus usage levels and ensure supply meets the demand.
Bulk Upload
Ability to upload sensors in bulk leading to quick turnaround of assets back into the departments for use.

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