Perth Children’s Hospital

COREIoT delivered a customised solution – CORE Location Services Engine to PCH, in partnership with Dimension Data.

Having expertise in multitude technology and wireless engineering and being a local onshore vendor helped us partner with DD and come up with a solution which could combine and support multiple wireless technologies.

PCH initially required RTLS with staff safety. Later expanded to one of the largest UHF RFID based Asset and Inventory management. They required a solution which enabled flexible ongoing tag and sensor management, scalability and flexibility as well as future-proofed technology. A combination of Wi-Fi and RFID technologies was deployed to deliver mobile staff duress and asset tracking capabilities. All asset and safety requirements are visualised through a single GUI with sub-location PAR level management of critical equipment.

We worked with internal stakeholders, Dimension Data team and multiple project stackholders, which helped bringing everything together. Our solutions were empowered with sensors which we procured, tested, integrated, and maintained.
We collaborated with the clients in every step of the way right from solution architecture, design, development to deployment and support. This enabled us to understand the requirement and deliver the outcome.

Project Objective

Supply, install, calibrate, commission and handover COREIoT’s “CORE” Location Services solution to provide Staff Safety / Mobile Duress, RFID Printing and RFID based Asset Management. This includes a partnership with the hospital to further define and agree their business requirements, specific use cases and the resultant detailed design and implementation to deliver them.

Project Outcome

COREIoT successfully delivered the following key outcomes for the Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH):

  • Provided a single Location Services solution that incorporates the use of both Infrared, RFID and Wi-Fi technology from a single interface and a solution that has a 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Provided of a Mobile Duress solution that met PCH’s stringent staff safety requirements
  • Provided a Wandering Patient solution that met PCH’s requirements
  • Ability to provide Location tags to visitors and contractors with text message capabilities
  • Supported the ability for PCH to self-print RFID labels during normal hospital operations. and needed to be compatible with any proposed RFID readers
  • Ability to support mobile RFID readers for the purpose of periodic audits, inventory management and work order management.
  • Provision of an Asset Utilisation solution that met PCH’s requirements and includes the ability to prevent/detect theft, and
  • Ability to manage all PCH assets irrespective of size or value. This included but was not limited to IV Poles, Suction Units, Coviden thermometers, Kangaroo ePumps, Oximeters, Neonatal Apnoea among many others.

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