Smart Records

Convert your Quality, Inspection, Audit, Training, Work Instructions, Forms and Templates into workflow-enabled electronic records

Connected Forms give you the ability to convert print version of the forms to digital edition collect data and transmit the collected information in the form or shape as per the demands.

The forms provide the ability to design analog forms in a digitised version as well as setup a workflow.

This helps you to reduce manual examination of the forms and provides a way to digitise all the unstructured data that is being gathered at the organisation.

How it works

1. Leverage Templates

Leverage pre-built templates or build new templates using the intuitive user interface. Forms are available as an app for shop floor operators

2. Set up your users

Set up your users & define them as operator or reviewer

3. Set up workflows

Set up workflows & triggers to send information back to your ERP or CRM to inform your warehouse managers or customer support team to take further actions


Work Instructions
Digital work instructions tailored to suit particular operations, which can include images, videos, drawings and step by step guides
Compliance Audit
Improve your shop floor’s operations by enhancing safety and minimising rework using digital audit forms that promote accountability
Digital quality forms are used to record tolerances or other measures to ensure your operations meet high-quality standards

Develop and deploy targeted training programs that improve shop floor operations

Template Library
Convert paper based form into interactive template library

Resource Library of reference material i.e. OEM/Vendor specifics work instructions and drawings


Set up, review & approval workflow


Create dynamic work orders based on configured workflows


Reduce Error
Digital data capture removes double handling and reduces error-prone, manual recording
Dynamic Workflow

Dynamic workflow & notification for review, approval & feedback

Accurate Data

Real-time validation ensures highly accurate data recording

knowledge Base
Create an organisation-wide knowledge base to improve everyone’s understanding of your shop floor operations


Custom Visualisations

Ability to setup custom visualisations for the forms.

Online/Offline Mode

Ability to submit a form from the forms Android app in online/offline mode.

Sync Database

Sync the offline data of the app when the tablet is online.

Setup Work

Setup work order from the forms

Upload Attachments

Upload attachments from the forms


Content Rich Forms

Ability to design the content rich forms at client end.

User Role

Ability to setup the users who are supposed to submit the form


Ability to setup the users who are responsible for review of the form


Ability to setup workflow of the form

version control

Ability to design, develop forms with version control

capture data

Ability to capture data from text, image, video, etc.)

procedural documents

Add in procedural documents onto forms for user references such as equipment manuals

status associated to forms

Link forms to the site, have a status associated to forms (publish, review, faults)

Link users

Link users to the site or multiple sites and present asset/
equipment as per the listed

approval matrix

Supervisor approval matrix

work orders

Create work orders to report faults/hazards/


Create different types of workflows for various forms or groups of forms

offline mode

Supports both offline mode and online mode of the Mobile APP

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