COREIoT worked with AMGC (Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd) and leading WA manufacturers to address two pressing issues; the manufacturers looking for solution for their shop floor, there was a gap in market for the required solution.

COREIoT undertook an internal exercise to develop SSF solution to address their needs. We worked with the clients and collaborated with the partners, performed comprehensive RnD and tests, worked on client feedback and at this present time, the solution is used in multiple manufacturing clients as either a standalone system or integrated into ERP systems thus enabling the concept of a digital factory.

Project Objective

Develop a digital system that can enable a manufacturer deploy Industry 4.0 industrial revolution which can provide insights into the shop floor and provide usage of machines, job processes and improve workflows and utilise machines to optimum levels.

Project Outcome

Since 2021, COREIoT has successfully deployed the solution at multiple manufacturing sites monitoring a variety of machines with all customers achieving the following outcomes:

  • Real-time data on machine utilisation and downtime statistics to understand bottlenecks within the shop floor
  • Improvement in job production by analysing and capturing job level utilisation data and workflow of all jobs via Kanban boards
  • Work Centre level performance and visibility of machines, production data and job scheduling
  • Ability to schedule jobs across the shop floor manually or automatically based on configuration parameters

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