Tech Backend

Over the last seven years, we have learned that the success of the solution relies on bridging the gap between your business and technology. A tailor-made solution can meet the operational, technology and skill level of a business.
To achieve this, we have summarised our learnings and experience into a tech platform that has the below software modules to deliver customised solutions:

IoT/IIoT Devices Ingestion Engine

Any Technology + Any Vendor

We understand that there are multitude of providers offering a plethora of IoT/IIoT devices. Appropriate devices need to be selected based on their purpose to suit your requirements.

We have been one of the early pioneers in this field, where we have built a device ingestion software module that has grown over the years to cater for development in the IoT/IIoT devices landscape.

The Device Ingestion Engine allows us to select over 200 certified plug & play devices (i.e. no development is required). We can add new devices into our framework with our proven and established framework. This way, we ensure you have suitable devices for your projects.

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub: As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we also offer Azure IoT Hub as a device ingestion option.

Analytics Engine

The heart of any solution is its ability to receive actionable insights into your operations:  We offer pre-built analytics templates that allow you to build customised analytics with a few clicks.

Prebuilt Templates

Leverage pre-built templates such as location data, environmental data, condition data, utilisation data, inspection data, dwell time, inventory level, Workforce PPE compliance, Workforce Safety breach or build your own analytics.

Custom Analytics

Build your analytics using a range of widgets type such as Column Chart, Stacked Column Chart, Funnel Chart, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Spiral Chart, Stacked Sprial Chart, Area Chart, Stacked Area Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Location Chart, Google Map Chart, Gantt Chart.

Microsoft Power BI

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we also offer Power BI Integration capability out of the box so you can leverage Power BI as your analytics tool.

Workflow Engine

The solution delivers results when the data is transformed into actions. The data received from the solution is processed against a series of workflows. We offer both pre-built templates that turn on and off with a click of a button and the ability to develop custom templates using a drag and drop workflow engine.

Prebuilt Templates

Asset Entry/Exit, Asset utilisation, Asset Dwell Time, Inventory Level, Lease Expiry, Environmental threshold breach, Condition threshold breach, Preventive Maintenance Work order and Asset Replenishment Work order.

Custom Workflows

Build your analytics using a range of filters that applies to Asset, Location, Equipment, Condition and Maintenance.

Event-Based Notification

Get instant updates via APP Notification, SMS, Email, Web Browser, Desktop APP, or send an event-based notification to your ERP, Fleet Management System, Maintenance System or Production System.


Cybersecurity is a significant part of the solution’s design. We have extensive experience in delivering mission-critical IoT projects using best practices. We are ISO27001 certified businesses with a deep understanding and expertise in designing security-related solutions.

Edge Native Architecture

We offer edge native (on-premise), Hybrid (process and retain critical data on-premise with cloud backup as a fail-safe mechanism) to ensure your data are safe within your premises.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

We understand that access control is paramount to secure the solution. Hence, we allow you to manage granular user access control via our RBAC control panel.

Latest Encryption

Our device ingestion software modules use the latest encryption to send data to the solution over the edge or on the Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Partner. We leverage the Microsoft Azure Cloud with an established framework to protect our clients from growing cybersecurity threats.

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