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Improve productivity and increase profit with real-time equipment utilisation data

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Leverage unified utilisation monitoring solution for your mixed fleet

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 Visible Machines

Improve the productivity of your mixed fleet with a simple, plug and play solution.


Easy to install sensors resulting in extremely quick deployment of the solution

Supports a wide range of equipment and has no technical complexities

Works Independently without the need of external connectivity or IoT gateway connections near the sensors

Receive utilisation data on your tablet or mobile phone

Wide range of integration, including ERP integration and SDK support


Reduce expenditure and maintenance costs by having a transparent system to monitor the truck usage

Real-time insights of operations to optimise resource utilisation, improve productivity & efficiency and gain higher ROI

Latest technology stack for complex industrial and mining networks with high resilience and scope for scalability

Multi-site architecture that connects all mine sites to one central platform for a full overview of operations

Periodic reports on machine utilisation that eliminates manual reporting

Can be a hybrid solution with an Edge and Cloud installations