Water Corporation, WA

In partnership with Telstra’s innovation team, COREIoT worked with WA Water Corporation Department. They required a solution which incorporated internal IoT technology and external GPS technology to maintain critical equipment and fleet.

COREIoT developed a solution which could integrated these two and provided continued support. We sourced the sensors by procuring, curating, and integrating them into the solution.

Project Objective

Deploy and maintain an independent offline software. Ability to manage and monitor assets both indoor and outdoor environments. Notify administrators when outdoor assets breach a geographic zone. Manage an online library of asset loan and return dates.

Project Outcome

COREIoT’s Asset Management Solution was seen as empowering Water Corporation with the following insights
  • Real time location information of all indoor and outdoor plant assets
  • Real time notifications whenever critical assets move outside of their authorized locations
  • Updates on the location of all critical response vehicles.
  • Real time visibility of stock levels of critical assets to support inventory management and maintain adequate supplieswithin the warehouse
  • Maintain a library of who borrowed assets and due date of return.
  • Ability to track and inform firefighters of the nearest outdoor equipment deployed in specific areas that can serve the firefighters during WA’s bushfire season

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified

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