Workforce Safety Solution

Ensure safer workplace environment with the use of right technology

Ensuring staff safety is increasingly top-of-mind for business organisation. COREIoT’s Staff Safety solution helps safeguard staff in case of safety risks. Staff carry a portable tag which provides them with a means to call for help from wherever they are located within the premises. This smart, facility-wide accurate and reliable solution helps increase the safety for staff and reduces the facility’s risk and financial exposure.

Ensure safer workplace environment with the use of right technology

Protect the most valuable assets of your organisation 

Provide a safe working environment by leveraging technology 

Streamline staff management and safety processes

Reduce injuries and provide a safer workplace environment

COREIoT Inventory Management solution continuously monitors and manages the location, status and condition of all its assets across multiple locations, departments and storerooms. The solution tracks and manages stock levels based on various workflow statuses. It provides powerful analytics of stock levels across the facility along with recommendations to alleviate the situation.

How it works


Each staff member is provided a battery -powered device or a Bluetooth enabled tag, that automatically delivers their real-time location from anywhere within the facility. CenTrak uses its Second-Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) hardware to deliver certainty-based location data covering rooms, beds, bays, nursing stations, hallway segments and other relevant workflow zones, whereas Bluetooth tags utilise the Wi-Fi to BLE IoT gateways to communicate their locations.


The tag features a push-button which, if pressed, sends out a distress signal. When an alarm is raised, a message including the location information and details of the person in distress is sent to the security staff who can quickly attend the incident.


Alerts can be raised in various ways including audible alarm, email, or in-app notification and simultaneously be sent to other 3rd Party applications such as Vocera etc.
CORE LSE is a unified enterprise-grade platform that provides a suite of connected healthcare solutions with a range of advantages: Multiple technologies, hardware agnostic, multi-tenant architecture, lower cost of ownership, scalability and high availability.


Increase the Security

Increase the security and confidence of isolated workers. The tags have an on-board duress button that allows staff to request assistance or alert security in an emergency.

Boosting Response

Boosting your security and response team’s capabilities by providing them unprecedented situational awareness.

Duress Alerts

Security team receives duress alerts in seconds to see who and where exactly has called for help and they get location updates of the staff in real-time.

Reduce Cost

By demonstrating the duty of care to staff, the facility maintains staff retention thereby reducing costs of staff turnover.


Easy Integration to other inhouse applications (ERP, CMMS, CCTV, Vocera etc.) using HL7, XML, JSON, SOAP payloads.

Unified SaaS-based architecture

Multi-tenant Support, Easy to use, lower costs, supports scalability, integration, and analytics.


Event and Alert Notifications

COREIoT incorporates a wide range of configurable event alerts and notifications to help managers resolve urgent problems in real-time and receive location updates in real-time during a duress event.


Configure Staff Safety Reports within a few clicks. Schedule the reports to be emailed with customisable timelines. Export the reports in either PDF or CSV formats for further analysis outside the system.

Management Tools

Easy to populate and store attributes of the assets including categorisation, icons, images, departments of staff.

Create rules for mobile duress/button press events for the entire facility or specific areas. All events are logs for future analysis and improve operational bottlenecks.

Role-based access control model for securing various sections of the platform as well as notifications.


Create personalised real-time dashboards from the available widgets and share with others. Powerful group notification features to alert healthcare personnel by zone or location.

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