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Simplifying your digital transformation by removing technology complexity

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Our solutions result from
extensive industry collaboration

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 Industries We Serve


The CORE ESP can also play a vital role in other use cases and become a single pane of glass for the entire healthcare facility.



Improve inefficiencies and increase your throughput
By using emerging technologies to gain real-time visibility from your people, machinery and processes

Underground Mining

Would you like to monitor the utilisation of your mixed fleet with a simple, low-costs and non-proprietary system?

Our non-invasive solution provides utilisation of any equipment and works with and without connectivity to meet demanding work conditions of the underground mining environment.

 Why Us

Customer First

We build trust by engaging with our customers, showing that we listen, meet their needs, and deliver what is promised.


Our technical and market expertise runs deep into the various verticals that COREIoT operates in.


We find smart ways to make things work better and leverage the use of technology in many ways that help customers overcome their operational challenges using low-cost methods.

Flawless Accomplishment

We incorporate all key components of an IoT solution: Device, Communication, SaaS, Apps and Security. We remove technology complexity by offering plug and play solution designed for everyday business owner/manager.

Controlled Implementation

We help you get started in a measured, manageable manner, so you can gather the information you need and scale the right IoT solution for your organisation.

Easy to Install

Our IoT solution has a relatively easy functionality out-of-the-box, is easy-to-use whereby the user doesn’t need high technical knowledge.


2 Ajith Gunasekera

“We had talked about Industry 4.0 as a concept and as a strategy to optimise our work centre capacity utilization and uptime however we didn’t quite know where to start.”

Ajith Gunasekera

Finance Director, KLINGER Australia

1 Brett Armstrong

“The complexity and fragmentation of IoT have been the barrier to entry for most organisations. Our partnership with COREIoT helps to overcome the complexity and fragmentation of IoT technology while leveraging the scale and reliability of Microsoft Azure.”

Brett Armstrong

Director of Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro

3 Matt Sinclair

“They knew that they had customers in that mid-size range who were chasing things like condition monitoring and asset tracking – very specific groups and audience and very specific challenges. And that’s why I think why the relationship blossomed [Ingram Micro & COREIoT], because they had a very clear idea of what problem they were solving.”

Matt Sinclair

IoT Lead, Microsoft Australia

0Rio Tinto

“Seeing the work that has been done with the hospital is not only inspiring for us operationally but gives us a lot of confidence in the “art of the possible”.”

General Manager PDP

Warehousing & Logistics – Iron Ore, Rio Tinto

4 Sanja Minervini

“The benefit of this technology is that it can connect to ‘any’ machine without the need to access the machine’s internal controller or PLC.”

Sanja Minervini

Information Systems Manager, KLINGER

5 Angela Doyle

“It was great seeing COREIoT's SMART Shop Floor technology in action. I was particularly impressed with how it works on all sorts of equipment regardless of how new or old it may be and doesn't require to be 'wired into' any equipment's electronics due to it using IoT. Very clever.”

Angela Doyle

State Director, AMGC Ltd, Western Australia

  News & Events

COREIoT receives Innovation Vouchers Program grant
COREIoT receives Innovation Vouchers Program grant for its Visible Machines solution!

13 August 2021

Our Visible Machines solution is a result of extensive industry collaboration with local Western Australia based Mining and Manufacturing businesses.

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Engine Hour Monitoring solution launched!
Engine Hour Monitoring solution launched!

29 July 2021

COREIoT launched its Visible Machines – Engine Hour Monitoring solution for mining industries at the WA Mining Club event.

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Keeping it real!
Keeping it real!

20 July 2021

There is nothing better than real businesses sharing their experiences on using innovative technology to drive the change.

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COREIoT Utilisation Monitoring solution - semi-finalist for the 2021 WA Innovator of the Year Award
COREIoT Utilisation Monitoring solution - semi-finalist for the 2021 WA Innovator of the Year Award

25 June 2021

We are very pleased to announce that our Utilisation Monitoring solution was selected as a semi-finalist for the 2021 WA Innovator of the Year Award.

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Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network
COREIoT joins the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network!

25 May 2021

COREIoT has been accepted as residents in the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network.
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 Case Studies

Perth Children's Hospital​

In partnership with NTT, COREIoT implemented CORE LSE Platform in PCH in 2016 as a Location Services Solution. It was implemented to deliver clinical and asset management use cases such as Asset Tracking, Staff Safety, as well as Inventory Management.

CORE LSE Platform leveraged Cisco’s Wi-Fi infrastructure, including MSE, Prime Infrastructure as well as RAIN RFID Infrastructure to deliver these use cases. PCH recognised that the diversity of patient, staff and asset workflows required a combination of different wireless technologies to achieve maximum value and benefit.

In addition, PCH required a solution which enabled flexible ongoing tag and sensor management, scalability with enterprise reliability of 99.99% SLA uptime and flexibility as well as future-proofed technology. A combination of Wi-Fi and RFID technologies was deployed to deliver various clinical and operational use cases.

All asset and safety requirements are visualised through a single GUI with PAR level based management of critical equipment and consumables.

Water Corp
Western Australia Water Corporation

WA Water Corporation’s Emergency and Incident Response Management Team was looking for real-time management and visibility of critical portable plant equipment within a central warehouse, as well as when assets are deployed outdoors in remote areas during emergencies.

They chose 2 kits of COREIoT’s Indoor Asset Tracking Solution, each kit including 20 asset tracking sensors and 3 IoT gateways. They also extended the solution by adding 5 kits of our Outdoor Asset Tracking solution, with each kit including 6 GPS battery powered sensors.

With the implementation of COREIoT’ s Asset Tracking solution, Water Corporation is able to get real-time location information about all indoor and outdoor plant assets, receive instant notifications whenever critical assets move outside of their Canning Vale storage facility, get timely updates on the location of all critical response vehicles, and have visibility of stock levels of critical assets to support inventory management and maintain adequate supplies.

KLINGER Australia Begins The Shift Towards Industry 4.0

KLINGER Australia is a member of the globally active KLINGER Group that manufactures and distributes high quality and cost-effective sealing, fluid control and fluid monitoring solutions to fit the broadest range of applications in many industries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
After attending the solution deployment at R. Moore & Sons, KLINGER Australia decided to take advantage of COREIoT’s SMART Shop Floor solution and deploy it in stages.


 Authorised Distributor

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