Proven Devices Expertise

With over 200 certified devices and established processes & systems, we are well experienced to make your project successful.
COREIoT possesses in-house technical expertise in designing wireless technology-based solutions, unlike most vendors. We understand multiple wireless sensing technologies and have been experts in this field. Our extensive experience in testing 1000s of devices has allowed us to offer devices related services to provide end to end solutions. 


  • We perform market research and shortlist devices based on various parameters, including vendor reputation, local certification, cybersecurity compliance, unit costs, device battery life (if applicable) and others.
  • Often, we find the most suitable devices from our existing available devices catalogue based on our experience and past projects.


  • We procure sample devices and perform technical validation in our lab to ensure the devices are performing as stated.
  • We then prepare a comparison matrix to provide a recommendation.

Field Trial

  • After identifying a narrow pool of devices, we take them to your site and perform field tests to ensure they perform optimally in real-life conditions. 


  • Australia is relatively a small market, so not all devices are C-tick certified. 
  • Once finalised, we go through the compliance process to ensure the selected devices are certified in Australia.


  • We leverage our device ingestion engine to integrate the device to build your solution. 
  • We offer ongoing support, maintenance and spare services for your devices.

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