Barminco’s innovation team was looking for a staff safety solution to ensure that the staff have right PPE. They were recommended by one of our partners and we understood the requirement. We explored multiple IoT device technology and based upon client’s operational requirement (in compliance with underground hazardous environment) we determined the right technology and developed a solution to ensure that we provide the right PPE to the staff for safety.

Barminco team was looking for universal fleet management solution to understand the utilisation of their connected and non-connected multi-vendor fleet. We developed a low cost, non-intrusive solution which involve wireless sensor with offline data capture technology.

Our approach was to provide the solution architecture design, develop the solution in our labs, work on client feedback,  perform UAT testing, ship solution to client, provide onsite testing, offsite training and eventually provide ongoing support.

Project Objective

Design an offline software that manages and maintains PPE compliance records for underground shift workers having the correct PPE assets with them. Manage a library of check in and check out of assets against individual users.

Project Outcome

CORE’s Digital PPE management solution gave Barminco’s innovation team in-depth awareness about:

  • How efficiently each PPE asset got registered to the Human RFID tag for a shift.
  • Updates on how many staff are on the shift and how many assets have been allocated.
  • Effective asset utilisation per shift and notifications on any non-compliant users
  • Accountability and Insight into how many assets were returned upon shift completion
  • Conduct effective maintenance routine on these assets based on usage

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